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In an era where employee and customer agendas are converging, does your HR strategy see people as key to the delivery of competitive edge and business performance? Is your HR team fully connected with how the business operates, what drives value and what's important to commercial leaders?

How must HR develop to drive growth? Watch the below video to view 5 top HR leaders sharing their perspectives on how HR must develop to help deliver growth.

Our new global research reveals that more than 50% of leaders and employees think HR is failing to keep pace with the changing needs of their business. It's time to reframe the role and impact HR has in the business.

Our latest report, The New HR Imperative: Leading for Growth, explores the unique opportunity HR has to drive greater impact in organisations, building new capabilities inspired by Marketing, to create exceptional people experiences that drive competitive edge.

This report is powered by research with more than 250 business leaders and employees, including in-depth interviews with Chief HR Officers and HR Directors from organisations including Unilever, GSK, Colgate, MetLife, Diageo, PepsiCo, easyJet and Bupa. 

Included in the report:

Insights from internationally respected Chief HR Officers

Perspectives on reframing the role of HR

Four areas where HR can drive greater value to create a winning people experience for competitive advantage

Four simple questions you need to ask to ensure HR has impact and adds value

Is your HR strategy ready to impact the business growth agenda like never before? Please click here to download the report.

HR has a great opportunity to strengthen its capabilities for the future – enabling it to operate in a more creative way to put people at the heart of the business. Jon Harding Global Learning & Innovation Director, LVMH
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