Growth Practices for Managers: 3 ways to unlock better performance

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Managers are vital in translating strategy into winning solutions, enabling a growth culture and developing talented teams for the future. Yet they are one of the least supported cohorts in organisations today.

That’s why the latest in our series of research shines a spotlight on managers. We collaborated with leaders and key opinion formers in Capability, HR, Marketing and Sales and undertook quantitative research among more than 100 managers in functions from Sales to Marketing, HR to Customer Service and L&D.

For a handy introduction to our new perspective, watch the first video in our Growth Practices for Managers series: 

Our research confirmed that the daily reality of being a manager is tough and only 18% managers focus on commercial success through the development of people. This isn’t through a lack of desire to develop people, rather a lack of practical support and recognition for connecting people growth to business growth.

Growth Practices for Managers provides that support by helping managers Role Model, Guide & Stretch. It’s easy to adopt and enables managers to have immediate impact on the performance of those they work with.

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At Brand Learning we support organisations to become better able to drive growth by identifying and building their capabilities. We believe that performance improvement depends on four forces working together, one of which is the power of managers. Learn about the other forces for performance improvement here.

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