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Brand Learning's research uncovers the new practices that drive growth in the world’s leading organisations. 

Using extensive quantitative and qualitative sources, we explore how organisations can shape their future and create the growth capabilities they need.  

Discover our reports on  How pioneering CMOs drive growthCreating a joined-up organisationHR leading for growth and Growth practices for managers.

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    Conducted in 12 countries across 17 industries and involving nearly 1000 CMOs, our research looks at what pioneering CMOs are doing to transform their organisations for growth.

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The rise of the hyper-relevant CMO

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17% CMO’s are delivering hyper-relevant customer experiences
They're 23% more likely to be focused on their people as they establish a customer-centric organisation
They deliver 11% greater shareholder return
They're 29% more likely than their peers to be in-sourcing new capabilities
What growth gives you is opportunity and opportunity is extraordinarily important. James Sproule, Chief Economist and Director of policy - IOD

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