The infographic guaranteed to get your commercial teams talking

Building a genuinely customer centred organisation depends on both marketing and sales teams working effectively with each other. We wanted to find out whether companies are doing more than paying lip service to the joined-up customer agenda, so we surveyed around 100 senior marketing and sales directors of the world’s biggest brands to find out.

What we discovered is neatly explored in this infographic which highlights that a lack of joined up working persists, with commercial teams having differing priorities and goals.


With delivering engaging customer experiences being one of the biggest priorities for companies at the moment, it’s widely recognised that to excel at connecting marketing and sales around the customer agenda is vital. It’s also clear from our research that there’s room to improve and aligning on customer goals with clearly understood metrics would be a great place to start.

Do you recognise the issues and challenges we uncovered within your commercial teams? How could you encourage them to recognise each other’s value and come together as part of a connected customer agenda?

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