WHITE PAPER: Organising around customer experience

In this white paper, Rich Bryson shares insights on how to organise marketing around the customer experience to drive sustainable growth in the future.

The paper shares new ideas and practices based on Brand Learning’s experience working with over 120 of the world’s leading organisations, and covers:

  • Organising and broadening Marketing to work within a Customer Ecosystem not just as a Function
  • ‘The Customer Experience Engine’ – Marketing’s way of working with Insight, Innovation and Customer Development in creating motivating customer experiences
  • Our new 4S Marketers™ Model – reframing the Marketing and Insight functions around ‘Scientists, Strategists, Storybuilders, and Socialisers’
  • Insightful advice on making change happen in practice, with examples from companies such as Pernod Ricard, Coca-cola, AstraZeneca and P&G

Click here to download.

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