Can you answer these 3 questions for your organisation?

We’ve been working with a number of clients who have recently gone through the major exercise of redefining and refocusing their business strategy. Given how disruptive the inevitable reorganisation exercise that follows can be, it becomes critical to fully think through some of the fundamental questions for your function before the new organisation is finalised. The questions aren’t complicated but they cut to the heart of setting up your team to succeed.

1. What’s the role of your team in the business?

In other words, what type of contribution do you want to make to the growth of the business? For example, if your vision for the marketing team is to drive growth through new products and services, doesn’t it make sense to ensure the capabilities of the new organisation are designed to deliver on a strong innovation agenda of insight, proposition and product development, commercialisation and new product introduction capabilities? The marketing organisation for a business that sees its growth primarily being delivered through successful geographic expansion of existing propositions would look very different to this.

2. What’s the operating model for your team?

With clarity on the role in the business, the next question is what’s the best way of making decisions.  Developing a clear way of operating, aligned to the role that the function needs to play, helps with speedier and more decisive decision-making, made at the right level (global, regional, local) in the business. A business in a food category, that depends on local or even regional insight and tastes, will have a very different operating model to a global technology business which might trade on universal insight. The operating model can be as tight as detailed process maps, or as light as agreed operating principles, depending on the size, complexity and culture of the business.

3. Is everyone in the organisation clear about their role?

So the role of the team is clear, the operating model has been designed, now all that needs to happen is to ensure that everyone in the organisation understands their role and the knowledge, skills and experience required to be successful in that role. A key to success here is that in addition to their own role, others also know your role in the business, particularly as organisations need to be joined-up to deliver growth. Developing clear role profiles helps employees understand what’s expected of them and, come review time, provides a great start point for personal development discussions.

How many questions do you have a clear answer for in your organisation?

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