What really happens at the Brand Learning Recruitment Evenings

Two of our team, Ngaire and Mike have kindly shared their experiences of attending one of our recruitment events and how it led to them joining Brand Learning.

Ngaire Duncan-Watt, Associate Director

undefinedBefore attending the Brand Learning Recruitment Evening last March, I have to admit to feeling a little apprehensive. I wondered would the information on the reality of the business and the role live up to my strong perceptions and high expectations so far? And would the evening be one filled with stilted small talk followed by awkward silences.

As I stepped through the door I was struck by the informal and generous welcome, and the energy and genuine enthusiasm of all of the Brand Learning team I was introduced to, interested to find out more about me and to share a bit about themselves, their roles and the Brand Learning business.

Following the friendly meet and greet, we moved through to an introduction session where we met some more of the team and found out about what Brand Learning does. From the outset I could already see what the Brand Learning difference was….they asked us what we wanted to get from the evening to make sure we walked away with the information we needed. We were off to a great start! From an engaging introduction from Mhairi McEwan, the inspiring CEO and Co-Founder, to the uplifting and inspiring videos showcasing Brand Learning’s work (including what I like to call their ‘magic’), to the fun and endearing interaction between the team members, you could genuinely see they had a genuine passion for people, business, marketing and learning and they were proud of what they did, and the prestigious clients they worked with. Each team member I had met so far had such impressive backgrounds - they seemed so experienced and smart and I started to get quite excited about how much I wanted to work with them and could learn from them.

Next we moved into a break out group for the Q&A session. This was what I’d been waiting for – a chance to ask what was a day in the life of an Associate Director like, and what would my role look like if I joined the team? Mhairi and James, an Associate Director, held this informal yet informative discussion. James shared that there was no set pattern to an Associate Director’s day, but that he really enjoyed the variety and chance to accelerate his own learning. Mhairi answered questions on how Brand Learning had grown and evolved over the years, and about the exciting plans for the future of the business. Sitting there listening to James and Mhairi speak about their roles and the ways of working at Brand Learning, I was struck by the lack of hierarchy and the value they placed on true teamwork - everyone in the team was valued, respected and treated as equals…there was definitely no “I” in TEAM here!

So, what did I feel when I left the evening? I was excited and impatient to jump on board and be a part of this great culture and impressive team.

And what do I think now that I’ve been at Brand Learning a short time? I feel like I am where I should be, and that I have a bright and exciting future ahead of me to learn and grow, working with some truly amazing and lovely people.

Mike Thorne, Marketing Capability Manager

undefinedThe week of the Recruitment Evening was a whirlwind for me. I read about Brand Learning on the Monday and by Wednesday was sipping a beer in the penthouse of their offices overlooking the Thames.

I went in to the evening with only a limited understanding of the company and what they did, but based on the little I had read and heard, I was really interested to find out more. And it was the perfect night to do exactly that. My first impression was that they couldn’t have been more welcoming. Now I know that’s a Brand Learning thing: as another new starter commented today, it’s rare to find people who are both smart and warm, but that’s true of everyone here.

The evening helped me paint a really clear picture of what Brand Learning people are like, their credentials and company values. And I loved what I saw! It may have only been the start of the recruitment process, but already I knew, that this was a company I wanted to be part of. Thankfully I was offered a job…and obviously I took it!

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