Google Think Branding 2013 │ Remastering marketing for the digital age

We're delighted to be working in partnership with Google to bring together leading Marketers and agencies for their flagship UK event Think Branding, on Tuesday 12th March. The job of the modern-day marketer is constantly evolving in today's digital world. Marketers tell us that ‘everything has changed, and yet ‘nothing is different'. We are still trying to do the same things we always have - build brands and win the hearts and minds of our customers. But the way this is done has changed dramatically compared to a few years ago. We need to re-master the art and science of Brand Building.

Google Thinking Branding 2013 Remastering Marketing for the Digital Age

In Think Branding 2013 the latest thinking from Google's own Matt Brittin, VP N.Europe, Brand Learning’s co-founder, Andy Bird, plus case studies from a range of brands including Nike, Johnson & Johnson, and Dulux, and viewpoints from the creative and media industries will be presented. Fresh ideas to help re-master branding in the digital age will be presented:

  • How can you re-frame the role of your brand and the value it delivers for customers?
  • How might we re-imagine the media mix?
  • How can you re-boot your organisation, to equip them to build a brand in new ways?

Watch Andy Bird delivering his conclusion to Re-booting the organisation. 

For a quick summary of the issues we believe are particularly important read Andy Bird’s recent blog post on the subject 'Re-mastering marketing for a digital world' and Harriet de Swiet's post 'How to Re-Master your Marketing - #thinkbranding2013' about the themes covered at the conference.

Download the official press release here: Google Think Branding Press Release.