Brand Learning CEO hosts MGGB dinner with the Meath School Choir and Gareth Malone, OBE

by I CAN CEO Virginia Beardshaw

Brand Learning CEO hosts MGGB Dinner with the Meath School Choir and Gareth Malone OBE

It was a ‘pinch me’ moment and a half. Whatever was I doing at Claridge’s hobnobbing with Gareth Malone?

What, indeed, was Gareth doing conducting the Meath Singers and the 200 + top UK marketers, PR gurus and brand managers in a rousing rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’?

The Meath Singers came to perform for the Marketing Group of Great Britain on 4 December to start the Christmas season off with seasonal songs. Gareth Malone, guest of honour, couldn’t resist seizing the baton and conducting us all. And then he presented I CAN with an cheque for £10,000.  A great way to start feeling Christmassy!

And more than a special treat for me. I’ve been a choral singer since I was six years old, and admire of Gareth for the energy and liveliness he’s brought to the British choral scene. It was fun to join in with the Meath singers, and to tell to Gareth what singing means to me and see the same excitement reflected in the Meath children’s eyes.

We have Phil Almond, father of a former Meath pupil and Mhairi McEwan, Chair of the MGGB, to thank for a really memorable evening that brought home the importance of helping children who struggle with language to some of the best and most powerful communicators in the UK.

Gareth Malone OBE said “It was wonderful to meet I CAN’s Meath School choir at the MGGB dinner at Claridge’s last night. Music is a wonderful form of expression for people of all ages and ensures that we can form a connection with others around us. It is wonderful to see that the children in Meath School’s choir, who have severe and complex communication needs, are able to engage others with their music and signing. I am thrilled to have been able to help the MGGB to support I CAN, the children’s communication charity and look forward to meeting the Meath School Choir again.”

Originally posted on I CAN Communicate.