The best of the best: 3 hand-picked ads of 2015

In the time-honoured tradition of looking back on the year during the festive season, we’ve scoured the ‘best of 2015’ lists to share with you 3 examples of communications from around the world that illustrate Brand Learning’s 3Be Criteria

1. Be contagious  

Android’s Friends Furever was undoubtedly contagious. Using found footage of animals ‘together, not the same’ it was not only irresistible to millions but engaged people in Android’s brand message. It achieved upwards of 6 million shares online making it the most shared ad of all time.

2. Be relevant

Nike made itself relevant for young people in Korea with a campaign selected by Campaign Asia as one of the best this year. The ‘Just Do It’ slogan became a call to action for young people to stand up for themselves despite societal and parental pressures. This was especially relevant at a time of exams, with a call to action for them to share personal stories through messaging app Kakao Talk.   


3. Be credible

Sport England’s This Girl Can’ campaign was aimed at closing the gap that sees 14-40 year old girls and women participating in less sport and exercise than other groups. Knowing that fear of judgement holds them back the campaign centred on real women exercising, in contrast to the airbrushing and stereotypes seen in a lot of female sport advertising. The purpose of the campaign to change attitudes and motivate women to exercise was powerfully brought to life. The campaign was seen over 23 million times and research shows women who saw it were motivated to do more sport and exercise.

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