Primed for growth: driving marketing for the future

The discipline of marketing is changing fast. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are running towards the opportunities they believe will define the “New Normal” of marketing and deliver growth for their businesses. Our Primed for Growth video series explores what leaders should be doing right now to ensure relevance in the future – both within the marketing function and beyond.

  • How will customers behave? What will they need? What experiences will be required to delight them as we move forward? 
  • What emerging business models, technologies and marketing practices will we see arising in response

We interviewed CMOs and marketing leaders across different industries to get a range of perspectives on the customers and marketing activities of the future captured in the following 4 videos:

1. Marketer of the future

Our first video explores the need to adapt and evolve to prepare for the future – something Johnson & Johnson has been focussed on for some time now. Global CMO Allison Lewis is re-engineering brand building at Johnson & Johnson targeted around innovation pipeline, building global scale and developing key marketing capabilities and refers to Brand Learning’s 4Ss of Marketing Model when explaining how she is future-proofing her marketing organisation. "The modern marketer needs to be a scientist, a strategist, a storyteller, and a socialiser. I’ve made sure we have developed our marketing development curriculum around these 4Ss to help us engage and communicate with our consumers and help develop our consumer offerings”.

2. Innovating the customer experience

Our second video looks at the role of customer experience in building more meaningful relationships – a crucial aspect of marketing in the new. In our rapidly changing world, it’s the customer experience that matters above all else and leaders are starting to become clear on what it will take to power the winning customer experiences of the future. A consistent theme is around the need to move to experience-centred marketing which is something Sephora has excelled at by placing the customer at the heart of their strategy and making “delivering useful technology” a central part of its brand. They now have almost 5 million Facebook fans; 900,000 Twitter followers; 600,000 Apple Passbook registrations; and, as well as a very satisfied and loyal customer base, mobile devices now make up a third of all traffic.

3. The next wave of data is smart

This video explores the role of data and its rising importance in powering great customer experiences. How, for example, do we need to be thinking about data to raise our game to the levels displayed by Amazon. Their smart utilisation of data powers an almost unrivalled personalised and predictive customer experience that continues to drive customer loyalty and enormous growth. They collect behavioural data on what a customer has previously purchased, what they’ve put in their cart, items they’ve rated, what similar people have viewed and purchased and feed this into an algorithm to return a browsing experience that prompts the customer’s next move and optimises the experience accordingly.


4. New technologies

Our final video looks at the importance of augmenting the customer experience with technology and making strategically sound choices rather than simply chasing the latest shiny new thing. This requires careful consideration of the omnichannel role technology can play in the customer journey and is something Volvo are exemplifying with their showroom experience. They use Microsoft HoloLens to create a new and exciting way for consumers to explore the cars, augmenting the customer experience and helping them to engage customers in the brand and key product features. It allows people to experience the car technology in a more tangible way, to better understand how the safety innovations can help avoid accidents and how the new connected services can make life easier and save time. 



At Brand learning, we are working with our colleagues at Accenture to help clients rise to the challenges outlined in this video series and build the marketing capabilities required to drive customer-centred growth both now and in the future. To find out how we can help you accelerate towards the new please get in touch.

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