How Unilever, National Theatre and HyperJar are changing marketing to find new growth

CMOs are increasingly expected to find new sources of growth for their business. Every industry is facing disruption and industry boundaries are being challenged. In response, leading marketeers are expected to transform their brands, their businesses, and their customers’ experiences, but how?

At our Leading Future Growth event we invited 60 marketing leaders to the BT Tower to showcase the latest technologies in the marketing space, a glimpse of our upcoming research and to hear from our star-studded panel, each of whom are pioneering transformation for growth in their relevant industry.

Our panellists were Rahul Welde EVP Digital Transformation at Unilever, Alex Bayley Director of Audiences & Marketing at National Theatre and Sarah Warby Chief Growth Officer at HyperJar Ltd. The breadth of experience gave way to great discussions around the various ways organisations can transform to lead for growth and the tangible impact it can have. Take a look below for some of the highlights from these conversations. In this video, Alex Bayley explains how the National Theatre delivered growth against their mission to bring theatre to new audiences, mobilising the whole organisation around digital innovation.

In this video, Rahul Welde gives his view on the key aspects of digital change that marketers need to be mindful of in driving future growth: data, commerce and culture.

In this video, Sarah Warby shares how the company’s culture is focal to its continued growth, with curious people who both seek and activate opportunities.

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