How to succeed: Keith Weed on the future of marketing

Keith Weed has been a speaker of the Marketing Leaders Programme since its launch 15 years ago by the Marketing Society and Brand Learning. His success within the marketing industry is prolific, having topped the Forbes list for The World’s Most Influential CMOs in 2017 and 2018. He was CMO at Unilever for 9 years, and spent his time in the role constantly evolving the company’s approach to marketing to fit for the disruptive and fast-paced environment he found himself in. 

In this three part series, Brand Learning interview Keith Weed to uncover the mystery behind great leadership and what it takes to be a great marketeer. Admitting that “change will never be as slow again as it is today,” the ex-CMO of Unilever prides agility and continual capability growth as determining factors for success. And beyond this, what brave moves must be made? With companies in the marketing industry facing some of their greatest challenges, how can we address these challenges and thrive amidst them? Watch these videos to find out:




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