Are you marketing for a frictionless age?

Sometimes we're in the digital age, sometimes the post-digital age, and always in the customer age. Now it seems, we're in the frictionless age.

Before your eyebrows raise too high, read this blog from Tom Goodman from Havas Media. He writes about the concept of a simplified customer experience designed at its heart to make life easier for your customers. 

Citing examples of Instacart, YPlan, AirBnB, Hotel Tonight, Amazon and Uber, he admires companies who make using their service as 'frictionless' as possible.

It's not just simplicity in user experience, but a rallying cry. How can we act to simplify for our customers - breaking down internal complexities, avoiding the 'we can also do...' mindset, and reminding ourselves that our customers are as time-poor, information-overloaded, and choice overwhelmed as we are?

If you want some help lifting the ability of your teams to create a simplified, frictionless customer experience get in touch.  We'd love to help.

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