8 ways that Tinder is similar to brand marketing

Love is in the air, but mindful that many haven't found their perfect Valentine as yet, I was interested in what makes for marketing yourself successfully in the internet dating world! So I asked some friends and colleagues to share their experiences and hot tips. Once recovered from the generosity, openness and at times touching nature of their responses, I was able to detect lots of similarities between successful on-line dating and successful brand marketing. So let me share some of the unedited (but anonymous responses) with you.

1. Great brands need to be clear about goals and objectives

"I was clear about what I wanted – in my case I wanted to have some dates, enjoy the experience and feel secure – and decided to give myself a 3 month timeline."

2. Brands need to be clear about who they are

"I would say don't over sell yourself - the truth always comes out. I am aiming this at people who lie about their height. I was 'liked' by good looking, hilarious, successful and hugely enigmatic men only to find in the real world that they came up far shorter than claimed. Now this may not be a problem for some, but as the not-so-proud owner of a double chin, they won't be looking at me at my most flattering angle!"

3. Brands should have clear values and know the kind of customer they want to attract

"I chose to be honest, funny and clear. My strategy was to only reply to men who approached me first - this way I ensured they liked me."

4. Brands should be distinctive

"A friend of mine just got married to a guy she met dating online. Her profile was a reportage of what was on her fridge magnets! She maintains it was all about being truly honest about who you are BUT standing out from the crowd"

5. Get others talking about your brand (positively!)

"I used a site where it's a friend, rather than you, who writes your profile. The "about me" section is often the bit most people struggle with, so getting a friend to write this for you helps eliminate that aspect and gives a more accurate description of your character."

6. Recognise online impacts offline brand performance

"I am shy, so I joined for fun and a confidence boost. And it worked! The more confident I got on-line, the more confident I became when out in the real world."

7. Drive brand trial as soon as possible

"The number one rule for me is meet the person you like as soon as possible - don't spend weeks in communication as then you build up an expectation and are usually disappointed when you finally meet in real life."

8. Brands need to be determined

"Success for me was meeting the man I'm about to marry! It's absolutely all about being yourself and being resilient, you'll meet a lot of frogs before you find your prince!"


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