When it comes to learning, employees are being short changed

There's a clear difference between organisations that involve and nurture the talent of their employees and those that don't.

Energised and effective people are critical to driving organisational growth, yet, for many organisations, learning experiences designed to empower, support and develop are falling short.


It’s time to take a step back, take a long hard look and judge your employee’s learning experiences as you would judge your customer experiences. You’ll most likely find you can do better and that your organisation will benefit as a result. Here are three approaches to help you.

1. Apply customer-centric thinking and approaches to learning

With disruptive technologies, uncompromising customers and complex customer decision journeys at every turn, the parallels between a customer-centric business approach and your organisation’s learning approach are even more relevant than ever. At Brand Learning, we’ve always applied customer-centric thinking and approaches to workplace learning. Your learners are an invaluable asset to your organisation and the value of their capabilities should not be underestimated.

Whilst the core processes of learning haven’t changed, how to address people’s workplace learning needs and the whole learning environment we operate in have changed dramatically. Technology has radically altered learning’s integration into the workplace and delivers new opportunities to learn. Workplace needs have shifted and people’s expectations are much higher - people want and value great learning experiences.

2. Broaden learning experiences from the formal by enabling continuous learning

People learn through social experiences and through their experiences of doing work. For learning to truly drive performance change in the workplace, it is vital to enable continuous learning. Delivering an integrated flow of learning experiences that weaves together formal, social and workflow experiences. To do this successfully requires all key stakeholders to play their part:

  • Learners need to be accountable for their own learning. Sharing, networking. They need to feel supported and empowered to learn.
  • Line managers need to coach and support their teams. They should be evaluating performance and be visibly committed to learning.
  • Leaders must actively sponsor and invest in a learning culture, aligning business and learning goals.
  • L&D must understand the needs of both the business and learners, aligning them and delivering great learning solutions, leveraging technology to do so.

3. Focus on the learner experience, delivered across the learner experience journey

So, how do we go about applying a customer-centric approach to learning? The answer is simple - in much the same way you would use customer insight to fuel your customer experience journey; focus firstly on designing your learner experience and then on the delivery of it.

In learning, to drive performance and deliver against your organisation’s needs, you are seeking to design and enable experiences that will engage and involve learners to change attitudes and behaviours. This requires learner insight, holistic experience design across the learner experience journey and then a ruthless focus on delivering these experiences, ensuring the entire learner journey is enabled and complimented by technology.

Your learner journey should encompass on the job experiences, with both social and formal elements weaving together with the learner’s workflow – taking established 70/20/10 thinking and combining this with learner experience design thinking, applied across a learner’s journey. And given people have less and less time these days, you need to provide support at the point of need - in real time, with right sized, real context resources accessible through multiple devices.


To find out how Brand Learning can help you apply customer-centric thinking and approaches to enhance your learning programmes and lift organisational capabilities, please get in touch.

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