The best way to learn: secrets from neuroscience

Neuroscience is revealing the secrets of how the brain learns best and how to design learning programmes that work with the natural science of our minds. This great article explains that strength of recall from learning is linked to activating the hippocampus part of the brain.

Four things to design for if you want maximum learning impact by firing up this essential bit of our brain’s anatomy:

Attention – allow people the opportunity to focus deeply on the learning
Generation – people need to make their own meaning, creating links to new ideas through active participation
Emotion  - learning sticks when there’s an emotional dimension
Spacing – if we space apart learning experiences, people’s recall is likely to last much longer

These principles really chime with our own experience that creating an emotional connection or ‘belief’ is the critical first step in enabling people to learn and change. It’s also essential that people take part in memorable experiences that bring learning to life.

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