Pop-in, pop-up, pop-out workshop app

How do you better engage with learners, before, during and after a workshop? Instead of asking people to switch off their smartphones or tablets, why not embrace them? That’s the thought behind our new workshop app – allowing us to engage people better in a specific learning event, and help them learn more.

As Learning Excellence Director, I spend much of my time devising how to run a better learning event. There are three key considerations:

  1. How to engage our participants before they arrive (often in the form of some pre-work).

  2. How to record personal learnings (which they will refer back to) and capture & circulate all the great outputs everyone has generated.

  3. How to sustain all that energy & momentum after everyone has caught their flight home and settled back into their day jobs.

The third is the biggest challenge. One new tool we have to help with it is our pop-up workshop app.

Whether you’re on your smartphone, tablet or at your computer, you have access to everything and everyone in one place. It can be tailored to fit just about any type of workshop. Even without an internet connection, all the core content a participant needs is still available. The invites, logistical information, pre-work and participant questions are handled through the app. The agenda, the resources or materials, (charts, videos, supplementary information and tools) required by participants are readily available at the touch of a button. You can add your own personal notes, or provide real-time feedback. Participants can message each other or the facilitators or post comments publicly so all who have access to the app can see. The community remains alive and active for as long as needed after the workshop, letting new ideas be shared, extra support be provided or to simply answer any outstanding questions.

The business benefits as there is one place where everything is administered, recorded, tracked & measured. The environment does too, with less paper being printed or shipped around the world. It’s a win-win-win.

Most importantly of all, the participants have a more immersive, longer and more engaging learning experience. When they do get back to the office, it will be that much easier for them to apply all that new learning and they can jog their memory with instant access to the materials and their notes directly from the app.

By way of a case study, here’s how it will work in this year’s International Marketing Leaders Programme, run by The Marketing Society in partnership with Brand Learning.


As an ‘open’ programme participants will be able to get acquainted with one another before they meet up on day one, they can check out the bios of the many speakers they will hear speak.


All their personal reflections or notes are easily captured on the go, and available to be referenced back as they go along.


As this programme is a series of three workshops spread out over several months, the app really comes into its own by being the one place for everything participants need. It will help to maintain their engagement and ongoing conversations in the months between each of the workshops.

We’re not saying this is the silver bullet to the question of embedding. But it is a new tool to amplify learning events. Take a look at the version for the International Marketing Leaders Programme to see how it works.

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