Living the change: translating performance improvement into sustained success

So, as the tax year ticks loudly away, and the window to make sensible decisions narrows, I am certain that next year I will be improve my financial management. As a coach and professional in the psychology of learning and change, this shouldn't be too daunting. Having written extensively about our performance change model 'Believe it. Get it. Live it.' I understand completely the processes and support structures needed for individuals to change and do something differently, permanently.

However, even when I am loaded with personal "I'll be so organised" motivations (I Believe it) AND am completely equipped to evaluate my financial options (I Get It) why am I already starting to feel challenged in my aim to be supremely financially savvy? The answer is underestimation. Individuals and organisations generally underestimate the amount of investment in time, resources, structures and supports needed to make change permanent.

In my blog this week, I'll be continuing on from my colleague, Bruce Levi who recently wrote about our performance change model, 'Believe it. Get it. Live it'. My focus today is on the last third, the 'Live It' stage: translating initial improvement in performance into sustained success.

So whether it's financial portfolio management or implementing a new commercial process, an individual needs support in 3 main ways. The tricky bit is that they all need to be 'in play' all of the time. Under-investing in any one of these areas will allow old ways to undermine any successes. As Sir Charlie Mayfield, the highly successful Chairman of John Lewis Partnership expressed at The Marketing Society Lecture last week, 'the forces of inertia are strong'.

So, what to do?

1. Hardwire in desired behaviour change

Through explicit aims, measurement approaches, instant & longer term feedback, reward and recognition systems and ongoing two-way communication with coaches, leaders and people of influence. Are you measuring and collectively focusing on what you're going after?

2. Ensure the actual work IS the new way of being (not simply the old way with one or two tweaks)

Provide projects, activities and workstreams that are immersive experiences reinforcing new practices, providing encouraging 'moment of need' support and accessible reassuring expertise. How are you supporting your team in making change easy?

3. Collaborate to support success and the transfer of knowledge and experience

Leverage social cooperation and connection to speed up learning, remain motivated, improve focus and drive momentum towards continual benefits. Are you creating communities to socialise the new ways of working?

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There's no doubt that embedding change is challenging. As the capability industry matures, it seems that it is one of the hottest topics amongst our clients. Whilst the principles of 'Live It' are now well recognised, at Brand Learning, we believe it is commitment to creativity and personalisation in this space which will ensure new ways of being and doing are permanently integrated and activated by organisations and individuals.

For one of our global clients rolling out a programme to improve in-market competitiveness, we developed a 'Live It' strategy. Here are some highlights:

Living the change: translating performance improvement into sustained success

So for would-be financial maestros and leaders of organisational change alike there is, sadly, no quick fix. The clue is in the title: 'Live It' means do all of it, all the time, wholeheartedly, with purpose and commitment and only then will a new way be truly 'lived'.

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For more information about how Brand Learning can help you lift your organisation’s capabilities, please get in touch or contact me directly on LinkedIn. You may also like these films, perspectives and resources on Learning.

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