In the know wherever you go: the new expectation for mobile learning

Mobile-first is fast becoming one of the catchphrases in marketing, which means that if you want to engage with your consumers or customers your starting point is their smartphone or tablet. Should the same be true when it comes to learning and the learner?

The time we spend on our mobile devices is going up and up. As is the depth or involvement of what we undertake, particularly if we are on a tablet or using larger smartphones. People increasingly expect to do everything on a mobile that they could do on a desktop computer.

To meet this change in behaviour we can now provide a lot of the information or simple skills-based learning support when people are on the move. It’s a great way to supplement other learning tools and techniques as part of a learning programme.

The only watch-out is that it is not simply a case of taking what is available on your Learning Management System or intranet and giving access via a mobile. The learning support needs to be designed for the situation. Only provide what is essential. Be mindful of how easy it will be to select, navigate and consume. Design for touch and swipe rather than mouse and click. Consider how much time the learner will spend on any given subject before being distracted or interrupted.

We have created a short demo online tutorial through which you can experience and read about designing an e-learning experience which works across all devices. We’ve found it to be useful at answering questions business partners have about how to set about creating a next generation e-tutorial.

Click here to open Adapt - an evolution of elearning

View this demo full screen.

Brand Learning has created this with our partners City & Guilds Kineo, the creator of the technology we draw on when we create bespoke e-learning  modules. One of the special features of their Adapt Learning technology is that you can include or exclude content depending on the device you are using. So in our example, if you launch our demo on a laptop you’ll see the introductory animation, but if you are on your smartphone, you will skip that. We presumed you had a little less time for us to indulge you.

Our firm belief is that mobile e-learning will be increasingly demanded and expected by learners, but we need to design with the mobile experience in mind, not just replicate the desktop.


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