How flipping the classroom can improve traditional learning techniques

This is the third of a series of blogs on the Future of Learning

As part of a capability-building programme, face-to-face learning remains at the heart of the 'Get It' phase, the point at which new knowledge & skills are acquired & integrated into existing practices. However, face-to-face doesn't have to mean conventional 'chalk & talk' approaches. Welcome to the Flipped Classroom approach.

The Flipped Classroom inverts traditional methods by delivering instruction online, outside the classroom and moves homework-style activities into the classroom:

  • Participants watch instruction (Mini- Lectures, YouTube links etc.) in a setting that works for them (home, work, train etc.) at a pace that suits them. They communicate with colleagues & facilitators via online discussions.
  • Deeper, more personal, engagement with the material takes place in the group setting through comparison, challenge and a facilitator providing questions, inspiration and discussion to really move the learner on.

In our new vision for learning that we recently shared, we discussed the implications of the 'Flipped Classroom' for our clients. At Brand Learning, we are perfectly placed to drive this directional move given our team of highly experienced marketers who are passionate about inspiring change at the personal and organizational level. We are now designing learner experiences which centre on Flipped Classroom and Guided Discovery approaches and what we find is that when we reconvene our groups after periods of individual (and or team) activity, the engagement levels are phenomenal.

So if you fancy stirring up the old routine, here are a few pointers for novice 'Flipped Classroom' designers & facilitators:

  1. Design and develop your on-line instruction to be as personal as if you actually were with the group
  2. Create on-line instruction to stimulate to engage and inspire participants rather than just delivering a module
  3. Curate your resources for the face-to-face moment like a precious toolbox; you need to have just the right materials easily accessible
  4. In the face-to-face event, embrace the opportunity to be led by the participants' interests and problems - it's energizing for all of you

Have fun with it, shake up the old routine & see how productive it is to be a 'Guide on the Side' and no longer just a 'Sage on the Stage'.

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