Growth Practices for Managers: 3 ways to unlock better performance

There is a sizeable group of people in your business today, of mixed age & experience, sandwiched between the raw recruits & the C-suite, who are hiding in plain sight as one of the most unsupported growth-driving cohorts in your organisation today. They are the managers. The heart & muscles of the business, vital in translating strategy into winning solutions, vital as the conduits of effective culture and vital in developing talented teams for the future.

There is no suggestion of lack of commitment, talent or potential here, simply that organisations have been tackling other priorities in their battle to constantly create superior customer experiences.

It is managers who turn potential into performance

From Brand Learning research with more than 900 business leaders we know employees are at the heart of customer-centred success. The primary influence on their engagement and involvement with the business, is their manager. 

By developing the unique abilities of each member of their team, managers unlock their ingenuity, enabling them to truly deliver differentiated customer experiences. 

That’s why we have turned our attention to shine a spotlight on managers, to develop solutions for them and the people charged with building their capabilities. We collaborated with leaders and key opinion formers in Marketing, Sales, Capability, HR, Learning and Development and undertook quantitative research among more than 100 managers in functions from Sales to Marketing, HR to Customer Service and L&D.

Managers need more practical support to deliver growth-through-people

In our research, we heard that the daily reality of being a manager is tough and that only 18% managers focus on commercial success through the development of people. This isn’t through a lack of desire to support people growth, rather a lack of practical support in connecting people growth to business growth. What’s more, getting the work done feels more challenging today because of several factors: the matrix element where you don’t know people so well, you’re often physically remote from each other, you may not know what defines success from others’ perspectives, you’re managing for alignment and speed at the same time, plus your work load is ever increasing. Sound familiar?

Growth practices that help managers immediately improve performance

Our new Growth Practices for Managers introduces 3 powerful ways of working to consistently and consciously Role Model, Guide and Stretch individuals and teams. This approach to performance improvement builds managers’ confidence in the connection between capability building & driving growth and shows managers how to immediately impact performance. It’s an approach that solves managers’ real problems, adds value to live situations and, bottom line, helps managers invest minimum time for maximum impact.  

Building a movement around growth-through-people requires a new conversation on how best to support managers. Key stakeholders in customer-centred success need to work together: business leads, capability leads, HR and L&D partners need to align on structures to motivate and reward the manager cohort. Think about the greatest managers you’ve ever had, no doubt they helped you feel that you could achieve more than you thought possible. They are the core, the heart & muscles of business today & it’s time we focused on their growth to help them grow business through people.

At Brand Learning we support organisations to become better able to drive growth by identifying and building their capabilities. We believe that performance improvement depends on 4 forces working together, one of which is the power of managers. Learn about the other forces for performance improvement here.

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