Bite-sized learning - it’s here for a good time, not always a long time

The ambition of every learning experience should be to support the employee with the right mix of inspiration and guidance to enable them to lift their performance. Often, this means considering the potential of bite-sized learning.

In our partnerships to help organisations create sustainable customer-centred growth, a key part of our focus is often designing the learning experience with performance at its heart, ensuring it is not just learning for the sake of learning but a continuous process.

When it comes to bite-sized learning, there are 3 key elements you should always consider:

In-the-moment learning boosts

Employees want to learn but can see learning as separate from working. This may be because their previous experiences of learning didn’t have an immediate and direct impact to help them ‘do real work really well’.

This is why great learning design is so critical. At Brand Learning, we recognise the role of providing resources which are ‘bite-sized’, a term that we ourselves view as meaning ‘right-sized’: the right amount of the right content at precisely the right-time. Employees learning needs are driven by context and commonly that requires employees to be able to ‘consume’ the right bite to improve performance in that moment.

Find, eat, apply, repeat.

That is the mantra of bite-sized learning. Make it easy to find, make it easy to consume and apply and available to repeat as often as needed. Performance can’t improve without practice and practice alone won’t improve performance without the support of continued learning. Bite-sized learning can fill the spaces between work tasks to make the next opportunity have greater impact. Repeating may or may not be the same bite. Depending upon the performance task at hand, learning should either be built to last or, by its very nature, need to be more ephemeral. In an increasingly complex and fast moving environment, we have to scale our learning appropriately.

It must emotionally connect

Whether built to last or built for a shorter consumption period, it’s critical that the learning emotionally connects. Even though we think we behave rationally, we often act on emotion. The more we design the learning for the feeling we want to impart, the greater the chances are that it will lead to a behaviour change. Through creating a new behaviour, we can look to repeat and improve that behaviour and build better habits and skills. With the addition of further bite-sized learning, we can encourage that behaviour to build upon and drive stronger performance.

In summary, bite-size learning can be invaluable as part of your learning design. It might not offer the full solution, but it’s often a nutritious addition to your learning programme.

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