A-Z of Learning: a jargon-busting guide to learning solutions that lift performance

Do you know your reverse mentoring from your instructor-led training? The world of learning and development certainly isn’t short on terminology. We have produced an A to Z of learning terms to help you navigate the buzzwords from the business drivers. This jargon-busting guide has the lowdown on the concepts and methods for learning you really need to know.  

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Learning GlossaryA-Z jargon buster

Our expert team design learning solutions that change people’s behaviour, lifting the performance of individuals, the teams they work in and the organisation as a whole. Well-versed in learning methods and technologies from spaced learning to virtual reality, reverse mentoring to continuous learning, and much more, we understand that to really lift performance you must focus first on the work people do. Only then can you design relevant, real-work learning journeys that genuinely support people and teams to improve their performance. 

What is more, we consider all the drivers of capability and performance. That includes skills development but also encompasses other drivers such as the right organisation structure, roles and responsibilities, the processes and tools needed, values, beliefs and behaviours. Read a quick introduction to capability building and see an award winning example of our work in building capabilities here.

BRAND LEARNING: Inspiring people. Lifting capabilities. Growing organisations.