5 tips for making your learning budget stretch

Here are five things to consider that can make a genuine difference to the effectiveness and impact of your learning programmes, which in turn will foster more of a learning mindset or learning culture within your organisation.

1. Up close and personal

When was the last time you and your team spent time with your customers, and by that I mean your learners? What are their working days really like? What do they actually use to get their jobs done, who do they talk to when they get stuck, where do they go for support? Whilst you may not be able to talk to and observe everyone, try to meet some of them some of the time.

2. Just enough

Rather than just in case or even just in time. Learning and performance improvement primarily happens whilst we are working and practising our new found skills, not in the classroom. What could be done to support more effective and efficient ‘on the job’ learning, delivered at the moment of need? Is this the year you use mobile to deliver frequent & bite-sized resources to support work as it happens.

3. Support the supporter

Line managers can make or break performance. For them to be advocates of the learning programme, have you factored in their skill requirements? Will they be able to coach their teams, explain the changes to a process, foster and role model the behaviours for that shift in desired performance? Have you planned a complimenting learning programme for your line managers

4. Give a lifelong gift

Learning to Learn. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.. Learning is a skill in its own right, but we provide little or no support on how best to learn. Even raising a learner’s consciousness of how they are learning, deconstructing the processes and identifying their strengths and weaknesses is a big step in the right direction. A better learner is a skill for life, applicable at work or at home.

5. Budget to innovate

Change is happening within the learning profession, whether influenced by advances in technology, new organisational ways of working, or shifts in employee expectations. Put aside a small innovation fund so you too can test & learn as opportunities emerge during the year.

So there you have it: 5 tips for creating stronger learning programmes and kickstarting more of a learning mindset within your organisation. And, as a final tip just for you. Don’t forget your own capability needs. It’s easy to focus on the needs of others, but what are you doing for yourself and your team as a learning professional? How are you planning to stay abreast of what’s new, exciting and of potential value to the business?  

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