10 learning gurus you should get to know

When someone asks me, “Whose blogs about learning should I follow?”, my head spins. I’ve been involved in Learning for over 15 years and over that time, the subject has changed almost unrecognisably. Combined with the fact that wanting to understand a topic as wide in scope as Learning is like trying to understand parenting or politics, you’ll appreciate why it’s a little tricky.

That’s why I was delighted to pick up on this list from SpongeUK : Brain science for learning - 10 Experts to follow. What makes this list so good is that it brings real science into the field of learning & the people cited are excellent at making it accessible & practical.

Julie Dirksen is particularly worth your time for her fabulous analogies, case studies & use of imagery which will help anyone wanting to design learning in a better way. Adele Diamond’s TEDx talk is another a must click. She cuts through complexity to predict the key skills & abilities needed for any learner to be successful in the 21st century. She advocates encouraging the development of ‘executive function’ (e.g. self-management, perseverance, creativity & flexibility) as the ‘super-skills’ to trump knowledge or functional skill building now that knowledge is ubiquitous.

This very well put together list with articles, blogs, podcasts, and studies is definitely an hour to chip away at the subject of Learning. You can find the very latest views and ideas in Learning from the team of experts at Brand Learning here.

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