Recommended reading: Interview with Tom Peters

In this McKinsey Quarterly Interview, Tom Peters talks about leading the 21st-century organisation

Tom Peters never fails to inspire with his straight-talking, provocative approach to leadership. In this interview he shares his thoughts about what leaders need to do today, in a world characterised by rapid change and information bombardment. Here are some highlights:

  1. Try stuff out at a rapid pace: ‘relentless experimentation is now do or die’
  2. Leaders need to focus on their time management: 50% of time should be unscheduled
  3. Creating the right corporate culture is the priority. The other things follow
  4. A leader’s reason for living is to help human beings develop
  5. Change is brought about one person at a time, face-to-face, creating a conspiracy with others based on trust and intimacy

Read the article here


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