How the CMO of BT keeps at the top of the game

“12.5 million working days lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety.[1]

“95% of human resource leaders admit employee burnout is sabotaging workforce retention.[2]

With worrying statistics of stress and burnout in the workplace coming to the fore, it’s no wonder people look at top leaders and ask themselves how they do it all? How do they achieve so much, fuel their own energy, happiness and capabilities and drive the performance and happiness of their team? We all have the same 1440 minutes available to us every day; but how do leaders manage the blend of looking after themselves and their team, and delivering ever-better work, to achieve great results?

In this 3-minute interview, Zaid Al-Qassab BT’s CMO calls for leaders to focus on building their performance and that of their teams. Some of that is through training, learning and development, and some of that, as he describes, is about managing personal energy. So where will you catch the CMO of this leading communications brand on a typical evening? Watching BT Sport? Calling friends on a BT phone? Surfing the internet with BT broadband? Not necessarily. Watch this film to find out.

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[2]2017 Employee Engagement Series: Kronos Incorporated and Future Workplace®