Making data fun at PepsiCo

Ever rubbed your hands in glee at the sight of 60-page PowerPoint deck full of the latest data on your brand? Ever come back to a research debrief document after a couple of months, just to read it on the train on the way home? If you have, you're in a minority. 

It's a key challenge for companies today. As the volume and velocity of data grows how do you help your teams read, engage with and then act on the new information you've uncovered?

One approach, taken by PepsiCo North America, is discussed in this blog published by Digiday. PepsiCo used a design agency called StickyDocs to create an App. It uses data visualisation, quizzes and games to create 8 brand 'publications' which encourage teams to engage, and learn more, about their consumers.

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Take a look and let us know if you've spotted other innovations in bringing information and insight to life.

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