Insight into Asian consumers

We have previously written about Singapore's exceptional nation marketing: Singapore@50: 3 lessons for brand-builders. Here's an illustration.

The Singapore Economic Development Board has just published a report on growing brands in Asia with consumer insights. It's in association with the Institute on Asian Consumer Insight (another government-supported body).

They argue that global brands need to have a more nuanced approach to Asian consumer insights in order to leverage the growth opportunity Asia presents. The region will make up nearly a quarter of the world’s market for consumer products by 2016, and an estimated 60% of global middle class spending by 2030. But it is a large and diverse continent. 'The 4.3 billion people who live in Asia differ not just from Western consumers, but also from one another.'

With references to P&G's SK-II brand, Unilever's oral care research in Mumbai, and Godrej’s “ChotuKool” refrigerator, it makes for a good read.

Read the report here

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