Two sides of the same coin: the customer and employee experience

In our work with marketing & sales teams, it is clear that growth is becoming harder to achieve in APAC, and that the capabilities needed in the future are not those that were needed in the past. Driving growth is now a ‘whole organisation’ issue and our recent discussions with HR leaders show that the HR function is absolutely at the heart of this changing agenda. In fact, one HR leader in our recent roundtable discussion of HR VPs in the region aptly described the challenge as “how can we grow our people as fast as we are growing our business?”

Our work with leaders, and particularly the speakers and delegates on the International Marketing Leaders Programme, shows us that a key enabler of marketing leaders to have impact on the broader commercial agenda is their ability to bring deep insight to the table. Insight into their consumer and customers’ needs that unlocks fresh thinking, opportunities and ideas that grow the business.

Likewise, visionary HR leaders here in Singapore, and across the globe, are setting a very different agenda by similarly deploying deep insight – this time into employee needs, desires and aspirations and also in the market context in which they operate. They are using this, not only to provide strategic input for the business, but also to develop a winning employee experience. They are building first hand understanding of their employees by getting out into the business, talking with them, understanding the realities of their day to day challenges, and using this to engage with and influence the agenda. Clearly, data and analytics are significant enablers – one HR leader described this as meaning that HR can move the conversation from ‘I feel… to I think… to I know’ – but turning the data into insight is enabling them to have a very different impact. In essence, we’re seeing HR deploy skills more familiar to marketers.

These visionary HR leaders see the function as a growth driver, not constrained to simply addressing the perennial talent challenges familiar across the APAC region, but equipping the organisation to thrive. They are doing this by being outstanding technical specialists, grounded in the commercial realities but, critically, by using insight and genuine empathy to bring humanity into the business. Our research shows that long-term sustainable growth comes by focusing on people – both the happiness of our customers and the happiness of our employees. The customer experience and employee experience are truly “two sides of the same coin”.

Marketing & HR both suffer from being labelled as support functions at times, with the ‘real money’ being made elsewhere. However, leaders of both functions in organisations in multiple sectors and geographies are paving a new and exciting path, one that starts with insight and leverages that insight to build simple, engaging, immersive experiences that build genuine advocacy from consumers and employees alike.

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