Mobile and the winning formula for marketers

As we begin to turn our thoughts towards 2012, I'm not sure I ever remember a time when there has been such radical change underway. With so much economic uncertainty, political instability, and technological development, you get the feeling that next year could be quite an experience!

Of all the things transforming the world of marketing just now, the one I find personally most fascinating is the impact of mobile technology on the relationships between brands and consumers. There is a need for total integration in a company's activities and communication across every customer touchpoint. This is a massive logistical challenge for big, complex organisations to pull off in practice, and the route to success involves planning carefully around the customer experience or decision-making journey.

The impact of mobile

However, what's so interesting is that this journey is itself being radically altered as a result of the increasing functionality and sophistication of mobile platforms. We now live in a world where people can see an ad in a magazine, use a QR code to link to further details on-line, check out prices of competing retailers and make a purchase – all in a few seconds. The relationship between communication and distribution channels, already changed fundamentally by the internet, is now going through a further upheaval.

As reported this week by the digital think tank L2, companies like Asos and H&M appear to be at the forefront of efforts in the retail sector to use digital media to engage their consumers and drive business growth. Their activities include experiments with e-commerce via Facebook, virtual dressing rooms, a customer service Twitter feed, a consumer-to-consumer marketplace, and close connections between websites, YouTube and blogs.

The winning formula

Winning companies like these highlight two key imperatives for marketers. The first is they need to be great integrators or orchestrators within organisations, to enable their brands to thrive in this new environment.

Secondly, they must also be innovators. Brands now have a unique chance to create pioneering new experience journeys for their customers. Marketers must experiment using new channels to inform, entertain and serve their customers in imaginative new ways.

The coming year might well prove to be a turbulent one, but it will be an exciting ride for those businesses that seize the incredible mobile opportunities that are now emerging.


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