Are you ready for the hottest digital innovation trends in 2018?

As the next wave of digital disruptions and customer demands cascade around us, the customer experience - and indeed our lives - are being enhanced beyond recognition. But are you ready for this pace of change? Have you already thought about how your organisation can innovate in this area to improve the customer experience?

Here we take a look at how organisations are using Voice and Artificial Intelligence to build brand affinity and set the bar for the future of seamless and life-changing customer experiences.


Consumers now expect devices to work with voice rather than seeing it as an added benefit; new generations are seamlessly connecting to it without question and all around us we are seeing organisations innovating specifically for this new technology.

Max Amordeluso, EU Lead Evangelist for Amazon Alexa recently spoke* about the exponential increase in Voice Recognition accuracy since 2010, making voice interaction a natural, engaging and enjoyable way of interacting with devices today. Voice services such as Alexa are being developed so that they can now be embedded into any device, so long as it has a microphone – consequently, organisations are building capabilities - ‘skills’ - for this technology which allows the creation of a more personalised experience.

In the US, P&G’s Tide has developed an Alexa skill that answers questions on stain removal, helping consumers in a moment of real need and building customer affinity in the process. This is a great example of a branded service helping consumers on demand, at no cost, while mentioning their brand name when the consumer is focused wholly on the product category - a marketer’s dream of hitting the perfect moment.

Meanwhile, Public Health England is innovating through voice technology to maximum effect with Breastfeeding Friend. This ‘skill’ is meeting a real need, enabling new Mums to ask questions about breastfeeding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, hands-free. Need help in the middle of the night with a hungry baby that won’t latch on? This skill gives answers to breastfeeding questions tailored to the age of the baby - and the incredibly positive online reviews show the real impact this voice-enabled innovation is already having.

At the other end of the voice activated spectrum is Trainline, who have launched a voice app for Google Assistant enabling consumers to ask in-the-moment travel questions, such as: how their commute home is looking, what the weather is like at the other end and even exactly where they are on the journey itself. 

These three organisations are all innovating using voice in their own right and all adding real value to their consumers. By making the most of the always-on, hands free nature of the technology, they are building brand affinity in the process.

Perhaps it’s time to have a think about how innovating with voice can help improve your customer experience.


Artificial Intelligence is at the forefront of today’s digital innovations with business leaders across the world seeing AI as crucial to their organisation’s future success.

While it’s true that AI investment is largely driven by today’s tech giants (Google, Microsoft, Amazon) the opportunity AI brings for organisations to build brand affinity should not be underestimated. Using this technology to capture data and create in-the-moment, intelligent personalised experiences will allow brands to provide a smarter, value-adding customer experience.

Let’s take a look at Trainline again; their price prediction tool provides consumers with access to data that allows for a more intelligent path to purchase. Using ticket price data gathered from billions of train journey searches, consumers are told the best time to book a train ticket and are given the opportunity to save money based on the times prices are likely to rise. Using AI to create an intelligent personalised experience allows Trainline to build loyalty to their brand through a value-adding CX.

Meanwhile, Ceanne Fernandes Wong, CMO and VP (EMEA) of Vestiaire Collective, recently explained* how they use AI to power trend prediction in fashion.

Vestiaire Collective is an online store for luxury pre-owned fashion, through which consumers can both buy and sell items. Vestiaire uses data to foresee fashion trends through both the volume of online sales, and the quantity of items being sent to the store for sale – helping them spot trends; such as the recent switch from minimalist to patterned fashion. They use this data to feature up-coming trend styles on their website, making them accessible to consumers and the process of discovery and purchase quicker and easier.

Whether P&G, Trainline, Vestiaire Collective or Public Health England, all of these organisations are shining a spotlight on how innovation through Voice and Artificial Intelligence can be used to kick-start the future of life-changing customer experiences.

The challenge to Marketers: how can you stay ahead of the curve and innovate to build a smarter, more intelligent and personalised customer experience that will add value for your customers?

At Brand Learning we help our clients build their ability to cope with change. If you would like to know more about the latest innovation trends, or how you can use innovation to improve your customer experience, do get in touch.

*Source: M20|20 Summit panel discussions, London, 14th March 2018

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