Growing leaders with Visa

Visa is a global leader in payments technology, connecting consumers, businesses, financial institutions and governments in more than 200 countries and territories to fast, secure and reliable electronic payments.

Their CEO wanted to drive growth for the organisation through a strategy driven by a new set of leadership principles he wanted the entire organisation to adopt. Principles that see every individual as a leader, playing a growth-driving role within the organisation.

These new leadership principles had been adopted globally but there was still a need to build leadership capabilities in every employee and a deeper connection to clients.
Growing leaders at every level became critical to Visa delivering their strategy.

We were approached by the APAC regional marketing team to build their leadership capabilities to fulfil the principles laid out by their CEO. They wanted their entire team to live these principles and deliver the strategy.

Our approach

We recognised the need to build a multi-faceted approach to ensure these principles were fully embedded across the organisation and create an experience that put customers at the heart of every employee’s leadership. Specifically, we:

Worked in close collaboration with client SMEs to weave their corporate approach into our core customer-centred leadership framework

  • Integrated this framework with Visa’s core leadership methodologies to create a bespoke 6-month programme designed to drive and embed behavioural change
  • Developed and deployed 360° assessments which ran pre and post the face-to-face experience, and incorporated upskilling and peer-to-peer ‘buddy coaching’
  • Inspired new mindsets in the APAC marketing Senior Leadership Team through a 2-day immersive experience
  • Brought inspiration from inside and outside Visa, provided practical tools for challenging issues and supported this with expert coaching and mentoring

The results

We delivered a transformational programme that is now being rolled-out globally. Participants in APAC are already starting to live the leadership principles in their roles and 95% of them would recommend this programme

“Highly recommended. What a privilege to participate. Thank you”

“I feel better equipped to get on with my new job & role at Visa. Sets a great foundation”

“Real and very inspiring”

Published with kind permission

Brand Learning thoughtfully and effectively customized their leadership workshop for us, and the results have been immediate. The leadership team that participated in the pilot is communicating more openly and effectively, both amongst themselves and with their respective teams Benjamin Sharp - Senior Director, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, Visa
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