Using marketing principles to double recruitment levels

The challenge

The client needed to increase the number of hires for graduates and experienced professionals. Recruitment was facing a classic marketing question: “In the face of strong competition and weak brand equity, how can we cost-effectively recruit double the number of new hires?”

We helped the HR team apply marketing approaches to attract candidates through better targeting and improved candidate engagement 

What we did

Developed a recruitment marketing process that took into consideration the ‘candidate journey’ and best practice strategy and planning

Developed supporting toolkits and conducted a series of live action learning workshops to support a non-marketing team to think like marketers

Co-created insight-based core Employee Value Proposition strategies and focused activation/ candidate engagement plans for all key recruitment markets

Continuously improved the process to refine plans year-on-year (e.g. EVP Development, innovation around the candidate journey, improved integrated candidate engagement) 

The impact

The new approach brought significant benefits.

The client beat its recruitment targets in the first 3 years of implementation, with a massive drop in cost per hire (in the 3rd year this was just 41% of the base cost).

Importantly, this was driven by creating better value for the team’s external customers: there was a significant improvement in the measured Candidate Experience Scores.

Published with kind permission.

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