Building a new operating model and strategies for Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters, a leading professional services organisation, wanted to unlock the potential of marketing to drive customer-centred growth in their legal solutions business. 

Brand Learning was asked to help prioritise and embed the capabilities needed for marketing to become a strategic growth driver.

What we did

We worked with the organisation to develop an aligned customer-centred vision for ‘what great looks like’. We assessed the business needs and best practice externally to identify priority capabilities for the teams, such as customer experience strategy and planning and customer engagement.

We then helped establish an end-to-end framework and operating model, working with leaders to agree the cross-functional accountabilities, ways of working and decision-making. Our goal was to enable more integrated working practices focused around the customer experience.

Through a series of live-action workshops with 9 cross-functional teams including marketing, product, sales and operations we helped to develop customer experience strategies and plans across different segments and geographies.

All this was supported by work to inspire leaders to drive and engage their teams in customer-centred behaviours and ways of working.

The programme delivered results for customers, employees and the business through establishing a common way across teams, prompting short and longer term customer-centred initiatives. Additionally, feedback on the programme was positive, achieving an overall value rating of 90% from participants.

Published with kind permission.

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Published with kind permission

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