Building Smuckers a better operating model for consumer engagement

J.M. Smucker is a leading consumer goods company with a strong roster of legacy brands and recent acquisitions.  Combined, their brands are in 90% of homes across the United States.

They came to us for help to transform their traditional siloed model for planning and executing consumer engagement activities.

They had separate teams to manage media, events, advertising and digital, which created inefficiencies. Long execution times and lack of alignment on priorities ultimately led to a fragmented consumer experience. This was out of step with the growth aspirations of the business.

Brand Learning, along with Accenture Interactive and Accenture Strategy, partnered with Smuckers to imagine the future...

We worked with them to create a vision for consumer engagement and define the capability requirements to make it happen.

We completed a qualitative assessment against the capability areas defined. This helped us define a new high-level operating model and organisation structure for the consumer engagement team, including key activities and roles (including role profiles). We also helped the team agree on new ways of working together and helped create engagement in the team as change happened. 

The future operating model covered internal teams, in-house agencies and external partners; centred around a cross-functional ‘pod’ structure to drive agility and a cohesive consumer experience. They also redesigned their agency model to enable greater collaboration to deliver truly seamless consumer engagement.

Published with kind permission.

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Thanks to the collaborative team at Brand Learning and Accenture, we now have an improved model for delivering consumer engagement, which has given us the confidence to connect with our consumers now and in the future, in a more joined-up way. Geoff Tanner, Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer





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