Powering growth at Shell by building marketing capabilities

The Challenge

Shell East Retail found themselves growing in line with a slowing market, competing against local players who demonstrated greater local understanding and insight in the customer experience.
This combined with economic pressures meant that Shell Retail’s marketers were presented with a huge opportunity to lead a new path for growth. An opportunity they weren’t equipped to respond to.

Brand Learning was asked to help Shell equip their marketers to lead a new path for growth.

What we did

We developed and rolled-out a capability-building programme that implemented sophisticated learning techniques and placed customers at the heart of the business. Rooted in real work and live-action-learning, we balanced organisational business requirements with the needs of individuals and their key skill gaps.

The programme brought together a siloed team, to deliver a winning, integrated customer experience.

There were four topics covered, in four modules, each of which built the story further. Each module began and concluded with virtual sessions which enabled participants from multiple geographies to learn and be stimulated in an immersive environment. These shared key principles, frameworks and tailor-made tools. Each challenged participants to change their game.


Marketing investment doubled, profit grew by 30% and ROI rose significantly.

New growth opportunities were identified leading to superior business results such as +200% sales in Oman and +2% brand preference increase in Thailand, alongside widespread share gains.

The programme  helped build an internationally connected community sharing ideas and learnings.

68% of participants stated “I have changed the way I do my job as a direct result of the programme”.


Published with kind permission.

Read another Shell case study on Advancing the Customer Experience. Another of our Shell case studies focuses on how we helped Shell inspire & build the capabilities of a global community of marketing leaders.

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This is a world-class programme that we are using as a best-in-class model for the rest of the Shell business David Bunch, VP of Retail Marketing
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