Advancing the Customer Experience

Our work with Shell over the years has spanned many teams including sales, marketing, global HR, Shell Chemicals and Shell Retail. In this case study, we share one programme we have supported: Advancing the Customer Experience. This three-year transformation programme with Shell Chemicals was designed to bring customer focus into the heart of commercial activities, with an estimated size of prize of $100m additional profit.

Brand Learning was one of several partners supporting the project. Our role focused on capability building and change management: specifically in generating customer insights and segmentation, applying the insights to develop tailored value propositions, and embedding new customer-centred ways of working, skills, behaviours and tools.

One of the key challenges with this change initiative was to convince senior internal stakeholders and staff that there was a huge opportunity to deliver additional value to customers and, as a result, generate significant incremental profits. After all, Shell Chemicals was already highly successful.

We understood that we needed to take people on a journey and used our Believe it. Get it. Live it. approach to help Shell bring about this behaviour change.

Shell Chemicals Case Study

The results speak for themselves

Shell Chemicals has successfully re-orientated its business model around the customer.

Customers reported Shell is creating additional value and responding to their needs, and is differentiated from competitors with a leap in net promoter scores.

“Shell is offering levels of service with an inherent value that goes way beyond the price of the product.” 

“We had a different kind of discussion, which other suppliers were not having with us, and we felt Shell were genuinely interested in addressing our needs.”

$millions of incremental profit were generated even in the first year, creating a huge return on investment.

Published with kind permission.

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Highly engaging expert organisation that has helped us to make a significant and sustainable change impact. David Pappie, General Manager Commercial Excellence and Business Opportunity Manager ACE

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