PepsiCo establishing marketing as the growth engine

PepsiCo has 22 billion-dollar brands and operates in more than 200 countries. With more than half of the company’s growth happening outside the U.S., the global groups and worldwide marketing teams needed a better way of working together to build those brands and drive growth.

Our client wanted to establish a clear purpose for marketing, cementing it in people’s minds as the growth engine of the business. And supporting that, the aim was to create a consistent, codified way of marketing to drive efficiency and effectiveness in sync with the massive changes in consumer and customer behaviour we’ve all encountered. No common way of PepsiCo marketing had ever been established, and our client recognised significant growth would be driven by lifting capabilities across the world to take advantage of, and build, PepsiCo’s tremendous global assets.

“Until now, we had no easy way to collaborate and share best practices or great ideas across our markets,” said Bradley Haime, Senior Director, PepsiCo University. “That meant we were missing opportunities to strengthen our global brands and were spending more money than necessary to do very similar things in the different countries. Now we have an awesome solution.”

What we did

We worked with PepsiCo’s Marketing Leadership Council to develop the PepsiCo Brand Building Model: a practical, tailored approach to world class marketing. This involved defining Marketing the PepsiCo Way: an aligned end-to-end approach to marketing supported by processes, tools, templates and guidance across the life cycle of global and local programmes. This was codified and made available to everyone in the organisation through a comprehensive online resource – The Marketing the PepsiCo Way ePlaybook.

Having created the model, we needed to engage people with it and encourage them to follow it: a big change in behaviour. Using our Believe it. Get it. Live it. approach, we began with the top 50 Marketing leaders and then cascaded to over 1,200 senior marketers through leader-led face-to-face workshops. All marketers were supported by a comprehensive set of learning resources: including face-to-face sessions, eight self-paced online modules and an extensive ePlaybook portal.

The Brand Building Model has had immediate impact

Pepsico case study

86% say the framework and tools help improve their capabilities to drive growth


inspiring change model

92% are inspired and committed to adopting the new ways of working

Hear more from PepsiCo's Simon Lowden on the importance of authentic leadership.

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This is about working collaboratively across our sectors, global groups and functions to win as one team. We are seeing examples of success around the world, whether in stronger global brands, higher productivity, breakthrough innovation, or “lifting and adapting” best practices Bradley Haime, Senior Director, PepsiCo University
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