Starting every day the Kellogg’s Way

Kellogg’s developed the ‘K Way of Marketing’, to provide their marketers globally with a common language and shared understanding of excellence.

Their challenge lay in making the K Way really live and breathe in the business, by inspiring and engaging their people, and equipping them to change what they do every day ‘on the job’. Initially we were tasked with creating a five-day workshop for their 100 most senior marketers that would make such an impact they couldn’t help but go back to their day jobs excited, enthused and true advocates for the K Way of Marketing. Next we rolled out the K Way to the rest of the global marketing team.

How do you design a learning workshop that really changes people’s behaviour when they get back to the office?

As a marketer, it’s not just about what you do, it’s also about how. Of course we used case studies, best practice examples, digital media, expert facilitation and more to ensure participants understood what excellence looks like. But we also shared with them principles and techniques of good leadership, and gave them opportunities to practice effective behaviours, to discuss their own personal leadership style with a trusted buddy, and to plan what they would do differently when back at work.

How do you keep people going through a five-day workshop?

We brought all our expertise in learning to bear in designing a five-day programme that kept participants enthusiastic to be there. We started by being very rigorous about defining the learning objectives, and what we wanted them to think, feel and do differently as a result. Then we were very strict in delivering only content which met these objectives, so throughout the week participants were always clear on the benefit and the value they were getting. We helped them manage their energy at different stages of each day and through the week (e.g. getting out and about on consumer immersions, serving nutritionally balanced meals and snacks). We used different mechanics so that people with different learning styles were catered for (e.g. individual reflection time, buddy conversations, multimedia presentations).

How did participants find the experience?

"I feel re-energised to go back and do a much better job."

"Reminds you of what made you get into Marketing in the first place"

"Amazing how so much information was shared and how much practice we had on the use of the different tools."

Where next?

Following the initial five-day event, we continued to elevate the quality of marketing at Kellogg’s, with masterclasses, deep dives on specific topics and events for General Managers and other leaders.

The K-Way has been credited with improvements in many areas, including advertising performance – where quantitative data shows a monetised improvement in effectiveness – and employee engagement.

Published with kind permission.

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BRAND LEARNING brought a tremendous amount of expertise to Kellogg's, but also helped us mine and surface knowledge within our own organization that could be added to the effort. As a result of their interviewing and listening skills, the team at BL was able to create a truly impactful brand training program that featured learning from industry best practice integrated with the Kellogg culture. This provided meaningful training that engaged our teams and made a big impact. Mike Mickunas, Vice President, Global Insights and Planning

Published with kind permission

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