Building sales capability to win in Africa

CFAO Industries & Distribution is a €3.6bn leading manufacturer and distributor in Africa, providing distribution and selling services for their partners (who include Mondelez, Heineken, BIC and Ferrero). It aims to provide industry-leading sales services that deliver outstanding retail execution and performance for the partners’ brands.

With the rapid expansion of their business, sales team and the number of brands they represented, complexity and inconsistency had become apparent.

They now needed a consistent way of selling across their teams.

The company turned to Brand Learning to create “The CFAO Way of Selling” and to build the coaching skills of their sales supervisors.

How we handled the challenge…

CFAO case studyFirst we needed to get close to their business and the West African marketplace. We worked with the local teams in Ghana and Nigeria to assess existing ways of working and skill levels, define the goals and approach, and create the way of selling supported by tools - all around the theme of “Winning at Store”.

Key to the success of this programme was enabling the supervisor team to provide motivating and effective coaching and to implement a consistent field accompaniment approach that would help to embed the required changes.

It needed a significant change in some very experienced people…

We’ve all been victims to a new sales manual and a dry ‘classroom’ training approach to ensure we understood it. We certainly don’t want to replicate that experience for any of our clients. Instead we developed an engagement programme which would create a positive spirit of change. Core to this were fully interactive, fun events (2 days for Supervisors and 1 day for Sales Reps) which helped the sales teams believe and get the new way of selling, and set up supervisors to confidently lead and coach in the change, ensuring it is lived in the organisation going forward.

How was the programme experience for the Sales teams?

“This has really made an impact on me and going forward my work procedures will improve.”

“This programme has given me a lot of fresh insights in coaching others as well as enhanced my capabilities to manage 'change' efficiently.”

“The training was very interactive and will definitely improve our ways of selling as an organisation.”

What next?

This programme is part of a long term CFAO plan to create industry-leading sales teams to service their partners. The next phase will build on the skills developed in phase 1 by focusing on targeted skill areas (e.g. performance tracking, coaching for results, selling skills) and continuing to lift the team’s capability.

Published with kind permission.

For more information about how Brand Learning can help you lift your organisation’s capabilities, please get in touch

BRAND LEARNING brought tremendous expertise to CFAO but also actively engaged us to ensure we jointly created a solution that is right for our business. The training events themselves created huge motivation and inspiration to our team and we are already seeing the benefits as we roll-out our CFAO Way of Selling. CFAO FMCG Development Director

Published with kind permission

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