Equipping Bord Bia to become a centre of excellence in commercial marketing

Bord Bia is Ireland’s national food, drink and horticulture agency. Its purpose is to bring Ireland’s outstanding food, drink and horticulture to the world, thus enabling growth and sustainability of producers. Ireland has an ambitious target to increase the value of its food and drink exports to €19 billion by 2025, an increase of 85% in a decade. To support achieving this goal, Bord Bia works with a wide range of food businesses across all sectors and growth-stages, tasked with helping them to develop their capabilities and grow profitably and sustainably.

Brand Learning was approached following research undertaken by Bord Bia in 2017 that identified a significant number of Irish food and drink companies did not have a commercial marketing strategy in place for their key markets.  In order for Bord Bia to improve its clients’ capabilities in this area, it needed to have a passionate and highly-skilled team of experts, renowned for best-in-class coaching and facilitation skills.

We supported Bord Bia’s business units to conduct self-assessments of their capabilities and the specific areas of development required by Irish food and drink businesses. They identified priority development gaps in Strategy Design, Customer Management and Partnership Development.

These priority areas informed how we refreshed Bord Bia’s approach to capability development, in line with its own vision and philosophy as an organisation. We defined a new commercial way of marketing, effective across its diverse portfolio of client businesses in different categories and markets.

To equip Bord Bia’s clients in the new way of marketing, we created a suite of resources to support them on-the-job, including online content, workbooks and handy guides.  

We designed and delivered a successful pilot workshop to engage and upskill these clients in the new approach. We also held interactive ‘train the trainer’ sessions to empower key individuals within Bord Bia to take full ownership and subsequently lead the offering.

Through this new approach to commercial marketing strategy development, we helped Bord Bia design a way to organise their services more effectively for their clients.

The organisation has a renewed sense of being a leader in capability development and is already making a tangible impact with their clients.

Published with kind permission.

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We have spent years trying to solve ‘route to market’ for our client companies. Now, by getting to the heart of the matter and working with clients to answer the fundamental questions of ‘where to play’ and ‘how to win’, we are seeing companies position themselves for growth in a highly competitive marketplace. Eileen Bentley, Senior Manager Capability Development at Bord Bia





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