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AkzoNobel is the largest global paints and coatings company, with a portfolio of B2B and B2C brands, most notably Dulux. We have worked across the drivers of capability with AkzoNobel – making a difference to their operating model, people, processes, skills and strategies.  In this case study, we share a specific piece of work which began our full digital capability programme.

AkzoNobel identified a need to build the capability of its marketers in social marketing. They recognised that an important enabler of achieving their vision was to lift personal confidence and competence in social media – at the time a much talked about, but relatively unexplored territory for the business. By beginning in this way, they wanted to see a growth in the implementation of social activity as part of brand plans, and an embracing of digital opportunities.

From the start, we wanted to use social platforms to deliver the learning programme, mirroring the message with the medium. We called the programme Decoding Social Media.

What we did to build social media capability

To ensure the programme content was pitched to meet the different learning needs of the participants we began by auditing current capability and attitudes, and tailored the content appropriately.

We then provided a six-week digital safari through social media, designed to take participants from no or low participation to active adoption of social media and an understanding of the key principles and opportunities. There were three different safari journeys, depending on people’s initial capabilities.

The programme was delivered using online channels with a LinkedIn hub providing direction, facilitating group discussion and providing the opportunity for Q&A. A themed web space hosted the core content, focusing on key areas of social media such as social networks, mobile and blogs.

Decoding Social Media was completed by more than 300 people, providing practical experience and exposure to best practice principles of marketing within social media.

We had a massive impact on adoption of social media for brand-building

A pre and post-programme survey measured changes in attitudes and behaviours towards social media: Regular use of social media more than doubled (40%->80%), and from a low base of 18%, confidence and willingness to experiment with social media for their brands leapt to 90%. We also saw marked improvements in people’s confidence and ability in blogs, forums, Twitter and social media monitoring – both personally and for their brands.

Published with kind permission.

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I have to say that the programme was a real ‘eye opener’ to me. I congratulate the whole team that put the programme together because the content, the way it was presented and the logical journey you took us through was excellent Marketing Director

Published with kind permission

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