Driving digital transformation in FMCG

Our award-winning work with Affinity, the leading European petcare business.

We were approached by the Chief Marketing Officer and HR Director of Affinity, to accelerate their digital transformation. They wanted to build the capabilities of their top 100 leaders to drive change. A change that would create greater customer-centricity and growth in an increasingly technological world.

We started at the top, creating a new vision and roadmap

We started with the Executive Committee to set a transformation roadmap.

Together we identified exponential technological disruptions and radical shifts in consumer behavior facing organisations like Affinity. This informed our work with a team, led by CEO Xavier Serra, to develop a transformational purpose for the organisation. This vision enabled it to play a purposeful role in the lives of its consumers, and guided the use of technologies going forward.

Then, drawing on our assessment of the company’s capabilities, we worked with the executive team to create a strategic roadmap to build the capabilities needed.

Then we engaged and upskilled teams to deliver the change required

With the Transformational Roadmap in place, we supported Affinity in two key areas of implementation:

  1. Upskilling the Top 100 cross-functional leaders
    Brand Learning developed a new set of tools and processes to drive customer-centric planning in the digital age. We worked with the top 100 leaders in a series of immersive workshops, on a live business challenge that played to the heart of the company purpose. The winning team received the financial budget to implement their digital solution and all leaders are now equipped with the knowledge and skills to drive digital change in their functions.

  2. Building the future consumer experience with Marketing and Sales
    Brand Learning experts partnered with commercial functions in Affinity to analyse current consumer journeys and to develop a vision for the future customer experience. We then enabled teams to work back from the desired experience, to the technologies and platforms they needed to deliver.

If you would like to learn more about the work we do at Brand Learning, please contact us.

One of the most exciting journeys of a lifetime Xavier Serra, CEO Affinity Petcare
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