9 facts about the team at Brand Learning



Cake is in our cultural DNA

We celebrate every milestone with cake, there’s always a collection of cakes on hand from people’s travels, and every month we mark birthdays with group cakes. So, it’s no surprise that as part of our Chairman Niall FitzGerald’s induction, cake featured heavily. What better way for the former Chairman of Unilever, a KBE, holder of several honorary doctorates and a member of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum to get to know the team than to judge a bake-off? For future reference, his favourite was Banoffee Pie.


Cats & dogs

Every time a new person joins, they stand up at a team meeting and introduce themselves. Part of the ritual is for them to share if they are a cat or a dog person. So far the split is even between cat and dog preferences. However, there are a few of us who aren’t pet lovers, and also a smattering of rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, horse and monkey fans.

 bar bells

Flexible and energetic

We have lots of energy – with triathletes, runners, cyclists, tennis players, footballers and swimmers aplenty.  We often harness their talents for fundraising activities, but at a recent Team Meeting we found that one person can leapfrog pillar boxes, and another can wrap their ankles behind their ears. We’re now  wondering if we can find new ways to bring our agility and flexibility to life.


Diverse bunch of polyglots

At the last count, between us, we are 14 nationalities and speak more than 11 languages. 

 Highly experienced marketeers


Our team has worked at some of the most famous companies in the world. In fact we are alumni of companies beginning with every letter from A to Z. 

 claims to fame

Claims to fame

Team members have sung at world-famous concert venues, rubbed shoulders with celebrities (including the Pope, Gary Barlow, Prime Ministers and Mother Teresa), driven tanks, flown Concorde, sat in a space shuttle, and starred in a tourist video for Oman.


Water is our element

We have an inbuilt affinity with water. Each of our offices overlooks water – from London’s Thames, to New York’s Hudson and Singapore’s Marina Bay.



A recent poll showed that if Brand Learning had a super power it would be X-Ray vision which we use to look through the layers of your organisation to diagnose where the real challenges lie!


Party people

We asked the team what Brand Learning would be like if it were a person you met at a party. There was a huge amount of consistency in the responses. They’d be standing by the food table, with a group of friends, and a slice of cake in one hand. Whether or not they were hosting the party, they’d be the first person to welcome you when you arrived at the party and draw you into conversation. They’d expect you to join in with the conversation and wouldn’t be averse to using some sort of ice-breaker to help you interact. They would crack jokes. Most of them witty. (At least in their eyes).  The only things we didn’t agree on were whether they’d be a man or a woman, and what they’d be wearing. Oh, and everybody seemed to think they’d look just like themselves.

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